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Creative Journey in a Rhyme

The lyrics:

From the air guitar to nabbing a car,

Mr. Cleese made me wanna play daily

It was S & P (Singh & Pickard) who had me visually

Scanning design in the nursery

Then Ira brought his Glass… to show me retrospect

And I thought back to an old baby story that I used to have on deck

McC  (McClandess) influenced the symphony

That harmonized the trucks of food

Geary defined it and Hirshfield wined it

Metaphor gave me a text hit

Adichie schooled me…on story that was single

having empathy gave some of my classmates (oops) a little tingle

Schwartzy (Schwartzberg) enlightened me with gifts to the world 

and after getting all this meaning (Guess what?) I’m still a mommy’s girl

Creative by nature, critical by nurture, and truly ready to share

all the stories the telling allows me to

Mess with me if you dare, dare…


Stage a spoken word event_in my bathroom.  Burning incense smoke, candles lit, and the back of my head in focus with fingers ready to snap.  Every so often, I may turn my head to show an expression.  The music would be sensual and jazzy, with intense bass guitars and a saxophone to complement.


I found a few audio tracks by Kevin MacLeod that I really liked for a matter of seconds.  Something just wasn’t working for the mood I wanted, tempo too fast or tone too abrupt when it didn’t need to be.  Soooo, I had the brilliant idea of just picking a section that I really liked and looping it.  After the loop didn’t work the way I wanted and later getting it to cooperate, I still did not feel complete.  I spent more time looking for ways to refine the music.


I created a short rap about my journey, that included items I used this semester in the images.  One special item was a book I have had since childhood from the Childcraft series, called Stories and Fables.  I produced the audio track by “remixing” Kevin MacLeod’s Dispersion Relation.  In the audio, I did a roll call of names people from our Playshop Resources who influenced my creativity.  I was sure to parallel them to the respective sessions from our course.


I am proud of my remix and happy to say that I was able to be creative with another of my true loves, music.  My poem was to my liking as well, but I couldn’t decide on the perfect tone for my voice.  Although my visual decisions were very impromptu, they are more meaningful in relation to my journey than I had originally planned.  It also shows how much I love words.  Ha ha ha.  No drawing in my visual journal…

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