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California Reflection

So I’m out here in sunny southern California and for some reason I was inspired to turn to Yoga for this reflection. Not that I’ve done any yoga, or seen anyone doing yoga, since I’ve been here- but there is that stereotype about the easy going mindset in SoCal that I am leaning on. So while reading this post, or after, just close your eyes and turn up volume. Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Repeat. Think about the word meaning, and what it means to you. How could you have made today more meaningful? Or did something happen that was meaningful to you? To someone else?

Right on.

Meaning is still one of those words that I think is hard to tie down, especially when you put another word after it. Like the meaning of ___________.

I think when it comes to tieing meaning with creativity, I might look for a simplistic method such as finding one word to signify how I feel or think at the time and then use the word to help form a meaning for whatever I am working on. This method proved useful for this project so I will see how it works for other ones in the future.

To end on a random note…here is a little friend I made today!


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