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Frankly, I’d worry if everything in this course seemed totally clear and offered no room for interpretation. I’ve built in lots of new ways to approach learning and assessment with the freedom and space to explore. So know that there will be questions. Many will be easily answered while others may take some “living into” as Rilke advised in his “Letters to a Young Poet.” “Try to love the questions themselves” is a memorable line from the poem.

This is the maiden voyage or “shakedown cruise” for the course so I know there will be questions, and I’ll appreciate your feedback.

When questions pop up and timing is vital, call or text me at 919-247.7955.

When questions are less urgent, tweet to #bookhenge and I or another colleague may respond within a reasonable amount of time.

If there’s a personal element to your question, simply email me at decrissm@ncsu.edu

I should be “on call” throughout the week and will get back with you, usually within a few hours. If there is a lag, say over 24 hours, then please try again and let me know you’ve been waiting. Email isn’t infallible and I know I certainly am not.

On weekends, I may or may not be “on call” so do give me until Monday to get back with you.

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