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On the Glass Edge

Say "Take a picture;" Say "Record a video." Record it as if from your eyes. Share it from your glasses. Google Glass. The future is already here. ...

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Origami Kayak

"Nurture your passions and let them turn into obsessions," kayaker Anton Willis invents folding kayak. Read more . . . ...

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Left Field Theatre On Edge

Left Field Theatre, a theatre company brilliantly run by some of the most talented teens in the Triangle, produce Shakespeare with a contemporary edge.  The company's first two productions were Shakespear's, Romeo and Juliet and As You Like It.  Stay tuned for Ibsen's Hedda Gabler coming this April!  Keep your eye on Left Field Theatre . . . ...

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Get Ready to MeCam Yourself

No more big noses as video camera is held at arms-length from your face.  MeCam will hover at just the right distance in front of you and record the story of your life.  Next big techno tool?  Coming to your personal space in 2014 . . .  Learn more now . . . ...

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