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Creative Aptitude of Metaphor

I was really hoping to add a little musical effect here, but need more time to process paying for the ability to do so.  I already have a paid account elsewhere that I rarely visit.  Instead of waiting for me to ponder, please open the Groove Grove link in a new window and let it […] ...

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Critical Reflection

To start with I will focus on the badges that I got. For one I was pleased to get the play badge because I think it fits with my creative process. I hate to take things too seriously or worry about them too much.  I think in the instances of those happening that the creative … Continue reading ...

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Session 4 CRP: Symphony

SELF-PERCEPTION When I am alert enough to process information properly, I internally question if a person’s creativity can grow beyond a certain level.  Do people have a maximum creative potential?  For example, if a person has been (on a scale of 1-10) a 5, can they reach 10 or do they stop at 6 or […] ...

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The Whole Forest Symphony

Symphony, as defined in Webster dictionary, is the consonance or harmony of color. Its synonyms are balance, symmetry, harmony, unity, which are the design elements that we learned about in the first few weeks of our class. So as a world language teacher, what does the ‘symphony’ thinking skill means to me? Standards for Foreign […] ...

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The creative aptitude for symphony is that it seems to open up new worlds for us.  For the person who writes that wants to expand their work into other media they can look at the way that the information is out there and see how the world works in concert and model their own work … Continue reading ...

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The Aptitude of Symphony: Wow is an understatement

“I already knew how to design…It’s almost like being exposed to all this media over the years had instilled a kind of dormant design literacy in me…I feel like every day all of us are being blasted by information design.” So I removed an image because I must have been too lazy to download it […] ...

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Six Degrees of Separation

In the 80’s (of which I was only present for 10 months) there was a game that people played called the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The premise was simple. In Hollywood, everyone knows, has worked with or has dated everyone else. Working with this idea, it’s possible than any actor or performer is only […] ...

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Critical Review: Story Edition

The biggest takeaway from we have learned is that story has the miraculous ability to evolved and to stay the same all at once.  The cave paintings of yesteryear are today’s timelines on Facebook or news stories.  They are both forms of chronicling stories that maintain a visual aspect to them.  What has also changed … Continue reading ...

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