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CR Group project

I remember one of the things that you said to us in your feedback was that it is unusual to have such a positive experience with a group project.  I thought about that too and I wondered what about our group ended up with us being so successful.  I think that part of it comes … Continue reading ...

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Creative Journey in a Rhyme

The lyrics: From the air guitar to nabbing a car, Mr. Cleese made me wanna play daily It was S & P (Singh & Pickard) who had me visually Scanning design in the nursery Then Ira brought his Glass… to show me retrospect And I thought back to an old baby story that I used to […] ...

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CRP Session 8: Wide Awake

I am certain that Katy Perry did not have this class in mind when she was creating, but I have reinterpreted the video for the purpose of sharing my growth over the semester.  Please view the video, then read the lyrics below.  I have added notes in italicized parentheses to clarify how I have applied […] ...

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Critical Review

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed about the Education department since I’ve become a part of it is how excited students are about the process of education.  So when I was reading a book about education changing and the direction it was headed in the future I could not help but to think about … Continue reading ...

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CRP: Session 7

At the end of the semester, I find myself looser with my blogging and a quite a bit more creative than I have been!  My last project idea came with more ease and I took more technical risks as a result.  Most of the time, I have consumed more time making decisions about which idea […] ...

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      It is quite interesting to learn that of the three types of lives that Sr. Seligman discusses, pleasure has the least connection to happiness. I can think of a hundred old adages that tout this idea, but here it is scientifically reviewed at last. That the most happiness is found by those […] ...

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