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For those not aware, the Triangle is thriving with art! Between Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Cary, there are free gallery walks every friday!
Raleigh does a thing called First Friday, which more information can be found here:
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Photocubism: 1911 Lobby

Submitted by on 10/06/2010 – 10:47 am 4 Comments

What I wanted to convey in this composition was the sense of open space and movement.  These two qualities are sensed when one enters the 1911 Lobby.  It is a grand open space filled with light at day.  Many students use it just to pass by, but it’s worth the time stopping by to grab a snack, study, or just relax for a minute in between classes.

The composition looks symmetrical, which I made it more from the previous one by adding more pictures to the top-left side of the composition to match the side of the top-right side.  This, I think, unifies the piece even more and your eyes follow the lines that appear in the floor, the windows, the columns, and the simple linear mouldings of the Lobby.

I stood facing the Court of the Carolinas and I made the carpet a little bigger to give a sense of place; something that was also suggested by a fellow student.  I also took some close ups of views from windows, the main door, and also of some chairs to give different perspectives; therefore incorporating space and time.


  • Beth says:

    I think this is beautiful. You really get a sense of how open the lobby is and your eye goes straight up to that wonderful ceiling (at least mine did). I also like the symmetry and the overall shape the pictures form.

  • Aaron says:

    I find the arrangement of this piece to be something extraordinary. Much like a building viewed from the exterior rests on foundations, columns, or beams, this visual piece has constructed what strikes me as an external representation of the interior.

  • Victoria says:

    I really like the symmetry you achieved in the placement of your photos. I think you positioning of the side hallways does a nice job of directing the eye back to the center to the expansive lobby. I also like how you kept all the colors neutral so that the black carpet and door really pop.

  • Tony says:

    This is a very interesting piece. You started with a beautiful subject (I absolutely love the 1911 building), and you captured it in an almost celebratory manner. The way the image is put together, reaching left and right more so than up and down, makes the building look even more grand than it inherently is. The space looks huge and intimidating in this image, where in actuality it looks pretty small inside. Also, the slight tilt of each photo promotes a great sense of controlled, refined energy. I think that any more tilting would make the piece look too lively, so I commend you on that.

    All in all, I very much appreciate this piece. It takes one of my favorite building interiors on campus, and presents it in a regal light.

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